Contact Lists

When looking for new business opportunities having the right targeted mailing list can make all the difference. Franchise systems are made up of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of individual small business owners - each with very similar needs. This untapped network is key to bigger sales with the least effort.

Reach 430,000+ franchised small business locations, owned by more than 210,000 small business owners- of which more than 42,000 are multi-unit owners. Our source is the franchisors’ contacts lists themselves making us THE MOST accurate and complete source for these lists.

Our database contains franchisee names, corporation names, primary and secondary phones, unit and headquarter addresses for franchisees from every brand and in every industry across the United States. We can identify single-unit owners vs multi-unit owners and even multi-brand owners from more than 2000 active franchise systems; we can query by industry, geography, size and brand.

Below is a sampling of pre-run contact lists that we are able to provide you. Call us at 800.485.9570 or email to have us run counts for the custom list that you need today.